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zapDrive-x 400-260 electric drive kit

zapDrive-x 400-260 electric drive kit

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dti ZapDrive motor controller electric drive package introduces best in-class power to weight ratio units for 400-800V propulsion and traction systems. Due to the high scalability multiple variants are available in order to suit the most for the specific use-case in the range of 110kW to 420kW per drive. The kit is pre-configured and works plug and play with the provided motor. After a wiring-up and an automated encoder calibration process the drive is ready to operate. The zapDrive-x 400-260 is specifically engineered for 400V dc link bus applications with a peak rating of 260kW and continous rating of 110kW provided by a sigle motor and a dual controller. Key features:
  • Recommended DC link voltage: 400Vdc (360V nominal)
  • RPM range: 0-5500 RPM
  • Peak Torque: 500Nm
  • Peak Power rating (at nominal voltage): 260kW
  • Continuous power rating: 110kW
  • Summarized weight of the kit is 27,8kgs
Recommended applications:
  • Trawler, yacht
  • Sport boat
  • ATV/Quad
  • Race car, hypercar
  • Motorsports
  • Sport boat
  • Light Sport aircrafts
The package includes:
  • 2x DTI HV-850 motor controller unit
  • 1x custom Emrax motor
  • DTI-COM Diagnostic tool
  • 10x HV connector for 70mm2 cable
  • 6x M8 X 70mm2 cable lug
  • Motor position sensor with assembled connector
  • Encoder splitter for dual inverter application
  • 2x LV wiring hanress
  • 3x shielding braid
  • Hose clamps


The package does not come with a HV cable, this can be ordered separately, optionally with a complete assembly service.


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